Why Your Business Requires Security

The States and Federal Identity Theft and Privacy Protection Laws now require businesses, agencies and organizations of all sizes to protect all personal information they store, and report to all their customers whenever a breach occurs. The financial ramifications after having a data breach can be very substantial to both present and future business. In some many cases a company never does recover from a breach and is forced to close down. Currently, the average cost on a company is $3.7M per incident.

Online Identity Theft For Dummies® – Power LogOn Edition


dummies-front-cover150x150I have read a lot of the web documents and books about identity theft prevention and recovery. But very few of these publications discussed online identity theft, the costs to a company or individuals, who is doing it and how to protect yourself with very straight forward suggestions.

So I wanted to write something that got directly to the point but was also fun. While there are no 100% guarantees that a person won’t become a victim, most people don’t understand how their own computer habits are making them vulnerable. So by making a few simple changes you can improve your odds of not being a victim.

Most people know the “For Dummies” brand and how great they are in educating their readers. Their straight forward, easy to understand style was exactly what I wanted. So while the book may only be 66 pages long it is very encompassing for both a business owner to an individual. The book is available at our store for free plus shipping and handeling.

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