Why Your Business Requires Security

The States and Federal Identity Theft and Privacy Protection Laws now require businesses, agencies and organizations of all sizes to protect all personal information they store, and report to all their customers whenever a breach occurs. The financial ramifications after having a data breach can be very substantial to both present and future business. In some many cases a company never does recover from a breach and is forced to close down. Currently, the average cost on a company is $3.7M per incident.

Employees Cause Data Security Breaches – Not Malware


When business owners look around their office and see how sensitive documents are handled it is no wonder that the weakest security link is the employee. But it is not always the employee’s fault since they have never been trained or given the security tools to protect data.

A Symantec report says that most breaches at small to midsize businesses are caused by people, not malware. Click here to read the entire article.

Look at all the four vulnerability point: Building – Employee – PC – Network and start implementing training, policies and solutions that are inexpensive and work.

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