Why Your Business Requires Security

The States and Federal Identity Theft and Privacy Protection Laws now require businesses, agencies and organizations of all sizes to protect all personal information they store, and report to all their customers whenever a breach occurs. The financial ramifications after having a data breach can be very substantial to both present and future business. In some many cases a company never does recover from a breach and is forced to close down. Currently, the average cost on a company is $3.7M per incident.

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Facebook Apologizes… Again!

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Yet another Facebook apology for privacy violations by Dovell Bonnett - Access SmartFacebook can apologize all they want and the government can fine them for privacy violations, but once the information is out on the network it is too late. The best protection one has is to limit the personal information you put in any online social media profiles.

One of my biggest concern is that all these young teens who are posting incredibly personal information now will discover that they have no privacy in 10 years because they gave it all away on Facebook.

If the Occupy Wall Street activitists are worried about how big corporations are manipulating the 99%, Facebook’s co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses how Facebook also is trying to make money by mining the personal information that it collects to help customize ads and aim the messages at people most likely to buy the products and services being promoted. This is the information it’s users put in their profiles.

I have written blogs on how Hackers can break user’s passwords by looking through their profiles, but now you have to also worry about privacy invasion by the very site that discusses the power of global communications.

To read more about how Facebook settled their deceptive behavior click here to read the article and please be sure to leave your thoughts on this newest foray by FB into your personal privacy.

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