Why Your Business Requires Security

The States and Federal Identity Theft and Privacy Protection Laws now require businesses, agencies and organizations of all sizes to protect all personal information they store, and report to all their customers whenever a breach occurs. The financial ramifications after having a data breach can be very substantial to both present and future business. In some many cases a company never does recover from a breach and is forced to close down. Currently, the average cost on a company is $3.7M per incident.

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Businesses, institutions and agencies must protect their customer’s personal information – It’s the law.

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  • Do you find HIPAA, SOX, GLB, FACTA, PCI, CA SB-1386, and other compliance laws confusing?
  • Do you know which laws apply to your business and what you have to do to become compliant?
  • Do you even wonder if security can be a market-differentiator to retain and find customers?
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